9 reasons why you should not throw out bags of silica gel


You all saw these white sachets in boxes with new shoes. Yes, the very bags that all throw out at once. And, by the way, silica gel - so called these granules - is very useful in everyday life.

Before you become familiar with how to use silica gel in the household, learn another useful tip.

Silica gel can be used for a very long time, because it lends itself to regeneration. To do this, put the bags in the oven heated to 100 degrees for 1 hour. If you do not use the bags yet, put them in a sealed package in order to protect them from moisture.

Sports bag

Silica gel will protect your bag from mold and bacteria.

Old photos

Put a couple of bags of adsorbent in a box with photos. Cards will not stick together and turn yellow.

Wet phone

Forget about rice! Put the device in a container filled with silica gel granules.

Misted windshield

Put some sachets on the dashboard and the windshield will be less misting.

Linen closet

A pair of bags of silica gel will help to keep the laundry fresh and dry in the closet.

Unpleasant smell of old books

Put the old book in a bag with several packages of adsorbent, and the unpleasant smell will be eliminated.

Razor blade life

Put the blades in a container of silica gel granules, and your razor will not rust for a long time.


Three bags of gel in the box will save tools from rust.

Storing dog food

Glue a bag of silica gel under the lid of the canister for storing dog food. So the feed will remain dry and fresh.

But do not forget that these small bags are potentially dangerous to health, so keep them away from children!