This is what American homes have and what we lack: 13 differences


The United States is far away from Russia, it is not surprising that life there is completely different, sometimes you can’t figure it out right away. In the American home, for example, one immediately feels that something is wrong. Or the dominance of the blinds scares (although the curtains are found, just less often) or two doors in the houses (plain and transparent glass confuse). If you look closely, the difference becomes even more obvious - there is only one door in the apartments (or apartments), but with a small hammer and without a bell, because an annoying guest will not pass unnoticed through the intercom ... and so on to infinity. But there are differences and generally fascinating - two showers in one bathroom, a dressing room even in the smallest and cheapest studio apartments, a food chopper, an ice maker, a tap water filter, a laundry ... how many differences will you find?

We offer you a fascinating tour of a typical American home and a short, but fascinating story under the motto "But how is life with them, what was invented and why we don’t have it?"

1. Large and deep sink for dishes

With this rectangular "farm" sink (twice as wide and three times deeper than a typical Russian), the temptation not to wash the dishes day after day simply leaves.

2. A mason jar - multifunctional and beautiful jars

It’s easier for them - they don’t suffer from picking up cucumber glass jars and laundering the smell from them to make jam in this container. Legendary glass jars with a variety of designs are convenient for everything - they store food, spoons, forks, make vases, interior decorations ... and this photo is generally taken from a themed wedding, which was decorated with numerous glass twins of different shades.

3. laundry

Yes, and we have this - exclaim you and you will be wrong. Local laundries can be divided into three types. The first ones are public ones, which are accessible to everyone, work for coins and where you can meet the strangest and bizarre people. In their homes for washing machines and dryers (these two machines are inseparable, no clothesline) there is a separate room, and in the apartments of their machines and not at all. It is necessary to wash something - it will be somewhere inside the building and only for local residents. Here we will also attribute such an invention as a hamper, a transparent netting bucket with handles, with which the Americans proudly go for laundry.

4. Dressing room

A small room for all sorts of things, which is designated as a walk-in closet, that is, you can even go into this closet and stay. There is also a crawl-in closet, into which they are already crawling, but this is already an attic romance and the life of rebuilt apartments with a strange layout.

5. Different bedside tables

And who in our country decided that the bedside tables should be twins? Americans do not think so. And the bed is made up in a completely different way: at the base of the bed sheet with elastic bands, and our classic bed is on top and very tight, with tucked edges.

6. A shower for two

All those who have ever tried to take a shower with the second half know how sad it is to freeze in the lather, waiting for their turn. Americans in such cases, cling to two souls from different sides and enjoy what is happening, or they make such a shower from the ceiling with a large radius of action.

7. Headlights

Such small circles cling to the kitchen above the shelves, and around the mirrors and chairs for reading books. They are still able to glow in different colors and their brightness is adjusted to one-two-three.

8. Party Accessories

Any holiday is accompanied by this - entire departments in the shops are filled with themed things for parties. If today is July 4th, then you will definitely have tubules and disposable plates on the barbecue in the style of the national flag and nothing else.

9. Kitchen pantry

Another savior is a built-in locker for food, which does not need a refrigerator and appliances that you don’t need yet. Food is stored either in sealed bags with snaps or covered with foil, if it is a finished product.

10. Food chopper

Toasters, blenders - we have it all for a long time, but the food chopper built into the sink is not enough for you! The meaning of a switch turned on as a light bulb by a switch on the wall of Garbage disposal is that more than half of household garbage can be not thrown away, but crushed and washed down the drain. And the trash can so fragrant / leak will not, and generally less garbage. Another kitchen charm - paper towels, without which life in the United States would simply stop.

11. Festive decor

Separate subtopic - wreaths on the door, which, depending on the season, can be New Year's, Easter, green in honor of St. Patrick's Day, patriotic, if it's July, in shells, if it's summer or from autumn leaves, you know when.

12. Shop in the shower

The bench is not to read and think about life, but to cut the nails there, to shave the legs ... and if everything is done, then you can of course dream about it. Not to say that it is everywhere, but the phenomenon is also quite frequent.

13. Grill

This is not our kebab on skewers and pebbles, this is an organized grill, to which are attached special tongs and other bells and whistles, and they cook everything on it - from meatballs to vegetables. And yes, the favorite American grilled cheese sandwich, with grilled cheese, you guessed it.