Unusual ideas of chandeliers and floor lamps from scrap materials


Additional points of lighting is never enough. With the help of light, you can change the atmosphere, or the so-called Ambyanse. Then, surprisingly and instantly, with one click of the switch, the study can turn into a comfortable rest room, with muted tones. Agree that this is a pleasant multi-functionality for small apartments! At the same time to create a new lamp does not necessarily go shopping. Try to take a look at what is already available in the house and create a new piece for home comfort.

We offer you 20 ideas for inspiration.

1. Round lamp made of rice paper with the addition of fabric and paper “pink flamingo feathers”

2. A lamp made of white and beige triangles with a wooden figure of an owl at the base

3. Presentation of a collection of old cameras and a film lamp for a true photo lover

4. Garland in a large wine bottle on a wood stand

5. Lamp in metal lamp basket for paper

6. Original spherical lamp from white plastic cups

7. Rope lamp, based on glass.

An interesting master class with the use of an inflatable ball - it helps to get the round shape of the lamp, which the rope maintains after the glue dries.

8. Table lamps of various shapes with colored cords

9. Spherical chandeliers made from twine

10. Ceiling light from 3 bulbs made from large plastic bottles

11. Floor lamp on the basis of a transparent glass bottle

and a glass jar with a screw cap

12. Lampshade - cage with artificial birds

13. Options for wall lamps with wooden elements

14. The leaves on the lampshade repeat the leafy design on a blanket in the room.

15. Chandelier of sleeves from toilet paper

16. Lamp Clouds Based on Chinese Lanterns

17. "Lace tie" paper napkins

18. Pineapple lamp from plastic spoons

19. Large white lamp from plastic bottles and spoons.

20. To create this original massive lampshade for the kitchen it took 310 plastic bottles.