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Pallet table


I will show you a simple way to make a table from a pallet and legs from IKEA or any other furniture store. The pallet allows you to get an additional surface at the table (shelf), which increases the storage space for various papers and objects.

Stage 1: Materials

You will need:

  • 1 pallet (or 2 if you want to make the upper surface also from boards from the pallet)
  • 5 mm thick plywood sheet to make the bottom surface (shelf)
  • floorboard or also a sheet of plywood or MDF sheet in general, what you want to use as the surface of the table (I used the remnants of the floorboard)
  • 4 legs from IKEA, it seems they are called Adils (125 rubles / piece at the time of this writing) or any other furniture store
  • nails and screws

As a rule, the size of the pallet is 120 x 80 cm, so you can choose a piece of plywood and the number of floorboards according to the size of the pallet.

I used:

  • 2 pieces of plywood 60 x 80 cm
  • 5 parquet boards 16 cm wide

About the tool: you will need a saw on wood, a hammer with a nail puller and a screwdriver.

Stage 2: Disassemble the pan

You can disassemble the pallet in two ways:

  • using a nail puller, it's pretty long
  • grinder or hacksaw for metal to cut nails, faster

Stage 3: Build

Trim the floorboard (5) so that it matches the length of the pallet board (2).
Cut a piece of plywood (pos. 1) to get a surface equal to the length and width of the pallet.

Now we have all the details of the right size, let's assemble the table!

  • Plywood sheet (position 1) I recommend pre-varnishing
  • blocks (pos.3) through the plate (pos.1) fasten to the boards (pos.2)
  • fasten to the blocks (pos.3) transverse boards (pos.4)
  • fasten parquet boards (pos.5) to the transverse boards (pos.4)
  • fasten the legs (pos.6) to the bottom boards (pos.2)

Stage 4: Options

If you have a parquet or laminate surface, you can make a very convenient cache like in the photo
Even as an option, it is recommended to sand all external surfaces and varnish them.