For the House and Cottages

15 cool inventions that should be in your home


We live in a great time when technological progress greatly simplifies our lives. Every year there are more and more inventions that make us wonder how we used to do without them. Today we want to share with you a selection of 15 cool inventions that will simplify and decorate your life.

1. Small thimble with sharp blade

Ordinary scissors - this is the last century! With this thimble, you can open any box in seconds.

2. Two in one - opener and container for lids

The perfect fit for a big party.

3. Seat with lock

Why not?!

4. T-shirt for sports

After an active workout and the appearance of sweat droplets, the inscription “Now you can go home” appears on the T-shirt, which says that it is time to finish the workout.

5. The cleaning system, which operates on the principle of vacuum

With such a system and a vacuum cleaner is not needed!

6. Dispenser for dry soap

Convenient and practical!

7. Print with a calendar

Plan your business for a month today.

8. Tablecloth from which you will not forget table etiquette

9. Motorcycle Riding Jacket

When the biker turns, turning signals appear on the jacket.

10. Airless car tires that men will appreciate.

Excellent tire protection against nails, and it looks spectacular!

11. An umbrella that can be mounted anywhere

Easy and convenient!

12. Scotch tape holder

Finally, you no longer need to look for the end of scotch.

13. Child safe outlet

Child safety is paramount.

14. Dumbbell water bottle

The ideal device for people who do not have time to go to the gym.

15. Convenient colander, which is not necessary to hold

Put it near the sink, let the water. Very comfortably!