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It turns out we did it wrong! 10 main mistakes in cleaning + bonus


Just imagine - you have done a major cleaning of your home, tired and happy looking around at the result of your work and ... click somewhere on the arm, in the gadget or simply in the air, the "save" button. Unfortunately, we can only dream about it. And although the technological breakthrough has already given us quite a few household helpers, yet the majority of the tasks of caring for the house lie directly on our shoulders. Most people, including experienced housewives, make mistakes that greatly affect the efficiency of cleaning in general. The most common ones we describe in this article, at the end of which you will also expect a nice bonus.

Error number 1

One of the most common mistakes is to wash windows in sunny weather. This is fraught with the appearance of ugly stains on the glass, which negates your efforts. If possible, choose a dull day for this.

Error number 2

It is very tempting to adapt an old rag or an item of clothing that has not been used for a long time. However, practice shows that it is much more convenient and efficient to remove dust with a special microfiber cloth, since it does not shed, absorbs dirt well and leaves no lint after it.

Error number 3

Concerns again the fight against dust. We have often seen in foreign films how maids use beautiful panicles for this purpose. Therefore, with the appearance on the shelves of such pieces, many tend to follow their example. You should not do this, since these devices will only raise particles of dust in the air, but the same microfiber cloth will help to really cope with it.

Error number 4

The next common mistake is to apply cleaning products directly to the surface to be cleaned. It would be more correct to do this on a rag or sponge, this will allow you to avoid fast sticking of dust to furniture in the future.

Error number 5

Again concerns the cleaning agent. This is a delusion, often using “grandmother’s methods” such as soda or vinegar will have a greater effect, and it will also be more benign in relation to your health and all households. The key to cleanliness is the frequency of cleaning, not the amount of chemistry used.

Error number 6

Mix, even if inadvertently, means that can provoke a chemical reaction. The most dangerous in this regard is the mixing of chlorine bleach and ammonia, alcohol or vinegar. Be careful with the means of cleaning pipes.

Error number 7

As for the funds, I would like to add that some of them are used not quite correctly. For example, it is undesirable to clean tiles with bleach and ammonia substances if you have a colored grout. For this, it is better to purchase a special soft remedy so that the seams do not discolour.

Error number 8

A rather costly mistake is improper care for the acrylic surface. Use mild detergents such as shower gel, liquid soap, or dishwashing detergent instead of caustic chemicals.

Error number 9

Using a dishwasher, put the plates facing the center of the machine, so they are washed better than when they are set in one direction.

Error number 10

We forget about cleaning door handles and cranes, where a huge number of bacteria accumulates. Wipe them with disinfectants at least once a couple of weeks.

And finally, as promised, a small bonus. In this video, collected 25 life hacking, allowing to make cleaning more efficient and not so tedious.