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11 little tricks to help save space in the bedroom


Small bedroom - not a sentence, but a reason to rationally plan the available space. So much you want to place in your bedroom, and the place is absolutely not enough? Calmly, without panic.

Competent interior design works wonders! We are ready to give you a couple of very effective solutions for such cases. Or rather, as many as eleven!

1. Stop vacuuming under the bed - raise it to a new height

Placement of the bed on the podium - a truly brilliant idea, especially in a small bedroom. The high podium becomes not just an additional place for storing small items, but acts as a full-fledged alternative to a chest of drawers or even a cupboard. Most often, drawers are broken into the podium, divided into sectors, but to keep there bed linen, seasonal clothes or precious canned tomatoes - decide for yourself.

Tip:A small podium with a height of 10-15 cm is only a decorative element and no more. In order for it to bring real benefits, it is necessary to raise it at least to a height of 50 cm. Often you can meet meter podiums, but in this case you will need to build steps or take care of the stairs.

2. Make it inappropriate

If you are the victim of architectural excellence and the "happy" owner of irrational notches in the wall, then this advice will be useful to you, like no one else. Just complete this ridiculous education. floor to ceiling shelves (as if it was conceived from the very beginning). Also agree: there is no extra space for storage of things!

Tip: To determine the material of the shelves and the height between them, it is worthwhile to estimate at least approximately what exactly you are going to store there. Too thin shelves can bend under a lot of weight, but you should not buy very massive ones unless you really need to. Firstly, they visually load the interior, and secondly, it will be more expensive.

3. Find a niche and use it.

Sometimes the grooves in the walls are inherited by us, sometimes we make them ourselves. For example, in small and narrow bedrooms, they are absolutely justified. Sophisticated niches are an excellent additional storage space for, for example, books.

See which library got into this shallow built-in rack in the photo, and imagine how many cabinets it would take to fit the same volume!

4. Continue the window

If in your bedroom the height from the floor to the window sill is 75-80 cm, then it’s time to replace this useless “container of flowers” ​​with an excellent wide worktop, which will allow you to get a full-fledged workplace. Not only will you get a lot of useful space as a result, but you will also work in the rays of natural light - is this not happiness?

But you can go even further and extend the tabletop to the entire length of the wall, and in the resulting space to place various drawers, niches, or even use this place as a TV stand or a game console.

Low sill is absolutely not suitable for creating a working surface, but then you can equip a great place to relax, as well as incredible relaxation while reading your favorite book.

It is important to remember that the optimum height from the floor to the window sill in this case should be about half a meter.

And if the bed is located near the window, then the newly made sofa can be made its logical continuation. Of course, we will have to retool the windowsill for these purposes, but, in my opinion, it is worth it.

Tip:Sometimes it is difficult to find a company that performs such a small order, and it will be expensive. Therefore, it will be easier and cheaper to order a modified window sill to load to any furniture - for example, a wardrobe or a dresser.

5. Hang the cabinet

Clear the floor and make a bedside table hanging - a wonderful solution for those who want to unload the sleep area and make it more compact.

But in order not to drill the wall, you can cheat even more, and instead of a massive stand, get an easy stand on thin, almost invisible legs.

And it is not at all necessary to limit your appetite to only one small shelf. After all, they can be hung at once two, or even as many as three!

Even in this case, you will get additional storage space, and at the same time the bedroom will look airy and not overloaded.

6. Find “spot-saving” lights.

Bedside table without a lamp - money for the wind, but how can a table lamp take up a lot of space!

To save space, there are several options.

  • First is hanging lamp from the ceiling itselfwhich looks extraordinary, but at the same time copes with all the tasks.

  • The second solution iswall sconce.

But whichever option you choose, in any case the radiance of the warm light of the lamps will elegantly decorate your bedroom, and the free space on the bedside table will be a great bonus.

If funds permit, and a suitable two-in-one lamp comes in - of course, take it. Alas, the offer of such options on the market is limited, and you will not always find an interesting model in form and design.

7. Use furniture "with storage reserves"

There is no desire to "build" the podium and start a repair - a bed on the platform with ready-made built-in containers will fit.

Tip: Choose models where the boxes are located not only on one side of the bed, but around its entire perimeter. So you will have more offices, and access to them will be easier.

8. Fill the entire wall.

And again we move to the window opening. Although the idea to build a wardrobe around it and thus fill the entire wall is completely new, but it is incredibly effective and saves a lot of space. In addition, we will not spend on the slopes, as in their role will play the side of the cabinet. And the place of the window sill can be arranged all the same cozy sofa, where you can relax wonderfully and admire the marvelous view from the window.

Tip: Do not get carried away with the depth of the closet, because the more it is, the less natural light will get into your bedroom, and this is not good!

It is not necessary to build a closet around the window. Most of the time around the bed, we are accustomed to seeing either a couple of bedside curbstones, or some small table with ornate legs, while the entire wall behind the bed remains empty or covered by some kind of picture. But it would not be wiser to use all this unused space with benefit?

The best solution is to build here. cupboard, moreover, to install full-fledged modules on the sides, and to build open shelves above the bed itself, or to install a lightweight connecting element that visually makes this design not so cumbersome.

9. Choose the "right" dressing table

When choosing a dressing table, I advise you to pay attention to the elegant glass models of small size. They look weightless and completely dissolve in space, visually facilitating it.

By the way, why not kill two birds with one stone at once? Place the dressing table next to the bed, replacing it with a bedside cabinet.

Another air version of the dressing table, which does not take up much space - wide shelf which is attached directly to the wall or to the furniture. To build such an "island of beauty" will not be difficult, especially if the house has a man with his hands from the right place.

10. If the TV, then on the wall!

Doctors forbid, and you continue to watch TV shows in bed? Well, at least hang the screen at the right height. It will be most efficient to use a swivel bracket for mounting the TV - you can rotate the screen to the desired corner of the room.


11. Set up an office in the closet

In case you are forced to work from home and there is no space for a computer except in the bedroom, organize it in the closet. This will allow at the right time just shut the door - and not to remember about work, lying in bed.

Tip:Engage all the space above the working surface, adding several shelves to the top.