Beadwork as a remedy for depression ...


In the old days beads was worth its weight in gold. They were embroidered with things only by noble gentlemen, because only they could afford to buy such expensive material.

Famous couturiers, inspired by the enchanting shine of glass drops, create stunning beauty products! A harmonious combination of colors and beads of different diameters, skillfully embroidered fancy patterns turn the dress of even the most idle cut into a society lioness attire.

The dress with a fitted silhouette, made of thin fabric of a neutral shade, looks stunning.

The back of these dresses is decorated in a royal way.

Embroidery tone to tone looks unusually elegant and noble.

Like a black swan ... A luxurious evening outfit.

The play of light on the product is just fascinating!

One can only dream about a dress of such beauty ...

Feminine image.

This dress will make its owner the center of attention at any event.

Eccentric, bright, catchy!

Geometric patterns visually form the perfect silhouette.

Spring itself ...

From the dresses embroidered with silver sequins, do not take your eyes off!

Alluring shine of gold.

The most complicated embroidery amazes with beauty ...

Modern romanticism from haute couture. The exquisitely-motley ornament delights and attracts attention.

Dresses designer Elie Saab able to turn the head at first sight!

Immediately there is a desire to pick up a needle with a string and create something, if not so amazing, then at least similar ...

You can start with the design of collars: original and stylish.

Each woman with the help of a needle with a string and a handful of beads can create her own unique outfit.
Beadwork is again in trend! Having decorated the simplest T-shirt in such a way, you can get a thing that passersby will look around with envy.