Design and Architecture

Dacha design: beautiful cottage


Perhaps the history of the arrangement of this cottage will help you to make a beautiful design of the summer cottage with your own hands. This story began a few years ago, when an old house was bought outside the city. And during this time at the dacha, they smashed a garden and made a cellar, built a large gazebo and a small shed near the house, renewed the bath, made a pond with a waterfall, set up a gazebo with barbecue and much more. If you are still with us, then let's start!

The overall design of the suburban area was thought out and drafted a couple of years ago. Over time, they made small changes and additions, but in general for five years, it remained the same. Breaking up the garden and building a greenhouse did not cause much trouble.

The most ambitious work on the arrangement of the site was planned to create a pond with a waterfall on the back side of the house.

We make a pond with a waterfall.

Initially on paper drew the shape of the pond and landing and construction next to it. When the dimensions were chosen, we ordered supplies for the pond: geotextile, hermetic liner, pump, drainage pipes, filters and skimmers. Rope and paint marked zones on the ground. The pond bowl was originally planned to be dug by a mini-excavator, but there was so much rubbish in the ground - on the right of the photo that the pit had to be dug by hand. The excavation of the land was also done at the location of the waterfall and the stream from it into the pond. The fertile layer of dug land was distributed among the flower beds.

After the foundation pit was ready, it was necessary to level the walls of the bowl, cleaning everything that could damage the waterproofing film - stones, roots, etc. After that, the walls of the bowl were tamped down with a mixture of sand and clay and made geotextiles that would prevent us from developing new roots on the walls of the bowl.

The waterproofing film was laid out on a sunny day in the sun and after it warmed up and became more elastic, it laid a foundation pit with an overlap of 50 cm along the edges. The edges of the film secured with stones and soil. Began to fill the pond trying to prevent air bubbles from forming under the film.

A stream followed the pond. The bed at the stream of different depths, for a more interesting effect. The stream itself flows from the waterfall to the pond. The order of work is the same as with a pond: we form a channel, remove stones, roots, rammer, line a geotextile, with a top film overlapping at the edges.

The waterfall is made in such a way that the water overflows from the top of the bowl to the bottom, and then go to the stream. The laying of stones on the waterfall itself is made dry - its stability provides a small angle of inclination inwards.

After the whole complex of works, when water began to flow in the right direction, the stream bed and the bank of the pond began to be decorated with stones. Near the waterfall, on the one hand, a platform was made with supporting walls for a gazebo with barbecue facilities, and on the other side of the waterfall a small cozy clearing on the bank of the pond turned out.

View of the house from the waterfall.

In order to bring together the design of the dacha, small decorative bridges were thrown across the stream, paved with footpath stones along the pond.

To create a more private atmosphere, a decorative fence was built on the side of the neighbor's fence, which for years has been covered with climbing flowers.

Arbor with a brazier.

Arbor with barbecue was planned next to the waterfall - this is a beautiful place overlooking the pond and the murmur of the stream, perhaps the most comfortable in the garden.

Under the gazebo erected a foundation of cinder blocks.

Established a gazebo on the foundation. Now she gives a finished look to this corner of the garden!

What's inside the gazebo with barbecue.

Gazebo near the house.

At the exit from the back of the house there is a small terrace with a large covered pergola.

Here you can gather a large enough company. And now from the windows of the gazebo a great view of the pond.

For heating in cold weather, a UV heater is built into the roof of the gazebo.

Next to the gazebo paved paving terrace.

On the other (south) side of the house is a small wooden shed with a polycarbonate roof.

We plan a garden and cellar.

The design of the suburban area was made in such a way that there was a recreation area near the house, and the garden and cellar were a little away from the house - through the lawn and the green hedge of the kuta.

In the garden - the usual beds, fenced with wooden logs and using black agrofilm for protection against weeds and faster warm-up.

A small greenhouse was made of plastic pipes in the garden; a garden table for working with seedlings and other garden concerns is next to it.

And, of course, the cellar - where without him in the country.

Bath in the country.

The old bathhouse in the country has finally become unusable, so one year was devoted to renewing it.

The old furnace was dismantled, a new one was built, the walls were insulated and the roof was blocked.

This is all that we had in one year, but the bath could already be fully used.

The following year, a small terrace was attached to the bath.

And she became another favorite place in the country.

The bath is invariably popular not only with the owners, but also to its friends.

On the example of this beautiful country house, we see that a good design of the suburban area implies not only technical methods and creative approach, but also an understanding that we will need patience, calculation, hard work and the ability to rejoice at what we already have to make our plans. What you read in a couple of minutes has been under construction for more than five years - after all, we all see only the amazing result of the diligence and perseverance of the owners of this dacha.

Agree that this design of the dacha really looks like a fairy tale!