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What will happen if people disappear in a jiffy?

Many of us had to think about what could happen to the planet if the human race disappears. Studio #Mind Warehouse based on National Geographic films created a clear example in which the Earth is shown at various stages of life after the disappearance of humanity.
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We make a roomy cardboard chest of drawers with pull-out drawers for needlework

Today will be a story about how they took me to "weak." The background is as follows. My dear husband, watching from the sidelines, as I was doing for my future workshop organizers, somehow casually said: "And do you yourself make a chest of drawers very weak?" And that's not weak! A good idea is to embody. I didn’t want to make it big or very small, so the dimensions were determined quite thoroughly, and as a result I got it 60 cm wide, 30 cm deep, 40 cm high.
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What is a hood and how to knit it

The hood is a comfortable and multifunctional scarf with a hood that looks stylish and unusual. In addition, it perfectly protects its owner in the cold season from wind and weather. Below you will find a description with diagrams that will help you knit this unique product. How to tie a hood scarf Before starting knitting by description, let's look at the basic parameters: the finished hood (part of the scarf without tassels) is two hundred and ten centimeters long, thirty wide in width.
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